Dark Heart is Growing

It’s Dark Heart Nursery’s 10th Anniversary! 

Our founder Dan Grace looks back on the 10-year journey building Dark Heart into what it is today:

“10 years ago, a friend and I built our first grow in the basement of a modest split-level bungalow in Oakland. We weren’t Dark Heart back then, but I think of it as the start of our brand because it’s when I learned my most important lesson. That growing cannabis is farming. And farming is hard. That’s as true for cannabis as it is for any other crop. Except in other crops you don’t have prohibition to compete with. 

It’s been a wild ride since then with stratospheric highs and subterranean lows. But all along the way that first experience has served as our guiding light. We believe that cannabis farmers have a hard-enough time, clones shouldn’t be one of their problems. Every day we strive to find new ways to improve the farmer experience, and every day – I hope – we get a little bit better.” 

Keep an eye out for more of Dan’s experience, views, and vision in a future post.


We’ve Got Great News: We’re adding More Partners to Our Family. That Means More Chances to Get Our Clones All Over Northern California! 

KindPeoples in Santa Cruz

We’re happy to be serving our customers in Santa Cruz. KindPeoples is a community-based organization that brings professionalism and leadership to an emerging industry in need of clean, safe, and caring cannabis actors.

KindPeoples is more than a retail space. It serves the community as a hub of ideas, support, and compassion for those new to cannabis or those celebrating the normalization of the plant. KindPeoples proudly leads the way.

Their innovative services and experience are a crucial part of the well-established and pioneering spirit of the Santa Cruz cannabis narrative. They have responded to demand by adding a second location in Santa Cruz at 3600 Soquel Ave. & 140 Dubois St Suite C. Drop days are Thursdays.


Blue Mountain Collective in San Andreas

Back east in sunny San Andreas, we’re pleased to be partnering with Blue Mountain Collective, bringing Dark Heart clones to the heart of the central valley.

“With over a decade of experience consistently providing premium clones to the cannabis industry, Dark Heart Nursery allows us to confidently offer a high quality product for our customers,” they say. “We are also impressed by the continuous adaptation of their genetic selection process to best individualize patient needs and preferences. Other factors influencing our decision to partner include high standards of quality control, well-supplied inventory, and a streamlined shipping process.”

BMC prides itself in providing a friendly environment to all of its customers, as well as convenient hours of operation for patients with varying schedules. They offer daily specials, veterans’ discounts, and gifts for first-time patients. Visit on your birthday and receive a free gift. Drops are Saturdays at 10 a.m., and they are located at 692 Marshall Ave. in San Andreas.


Blue Mountain Collective Dark Heart Partner


Triple C Collective in Clearlake

Up north in Clearlake, DHN is proud to form a partnership with Triple C Collective to bring our best clones to beautiful Lake County.

Triple C Collective’s philosophy is “where patients come first,” a vision which they adopted from the great Eddy Lepp almost 10 years ago.

“What we like most about Dark Heart premium clones is that they are consistently mite, pest, and disease-free. We wanted to partner with Dark Heart Nursery because they have a great reputation.”

At Triple C Collective, they have a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to assist you in a clean, safe environment with a beautiful lakefront view at 14196 Lakeshore Dr. Some of the discounts that they offer are senior and veteran discounts; Tuesdays ladies get a 5% discount; Thursdays men get a 5% discount; new member discounts; weekly concentrate sales and discounted strains daily.

Their drop day is every 2 to 3 weeks on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. They offer pre-orders with a down payment.

We’ll let you know about more partnerships as we bring them on board!

2 responses to “We’re Growing!

  1. Would be nice to know why a dispensary has to take blind deliveries, esp when a customer wants some specific strain. Why must it be so difficult?

    1. Greetings Farmer,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback, we greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, because we are dealing with living plants we are unable to always predict what the dispensary orders will look like until closer to the drop date. We encourage you to share with your dispensary’s clone buyer what strains most interest you so that they are requesting strains that their customers want. We do our best to provide our dispensary partners with the strains that they have requested based on availability. We currently have a pre-order service available at River City Phoenix in Sacramento that allows you to order clones ahead of time for pick-up at their location, and you are able to choose from a menu of available strains. For more information on this process please read our Pre-Order Blog: https://live-dark-heart-nursery.pantheonsite.io/news/preorder/

      Hope this helps and thank you for choosing Dark Heart clones!

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