An introduction from our president

It is my sincere pleasure to announce today the launch of Dark Heart Nursery’s new web portal It’s full of exciting bells and whistles graciously hand-crafted by the talented staff of Front Group Design who worked diligently to bring our wildest dreams to life. No small task given our relentless pursuit of perfection! There’s a strain catalogue, drop alerts, cultivation tips, oh my! I encourage you to read all about them, but as happy as I am about these features, they’re not what has me really fired up.

What I’m really exuberant about is what this represents for Dark Heart Nursery. For us, the launch of this website represents another milestone on the path towards greater transparency. There was the day we told our friends what we did, then there was the day we told our parents, and now there is the day we launched our website! I joke, but the truth isn’t far from that. In fact, launching a full-blown website has always been something of a “white whale” for us.

Long ago we made a decision to brand our clones. This seems like an obvious move now, but at the time it wasn’t. Growers were under constant threat, and anyone who stuck their head up put themselves in danger. But we were proud of the quality of our clones and we thought growers deserved to know who made them. We wanted to stand behind our reputation, and were willing to accept the consequences for doing so.

Since then, we’ve always sought greater transparency with our customers. We know how difficult growing cannabis can be, and we want to do whatever we can to help. Little by little we increased our exposure, put more information out about our products and created more points of contact. A fully functional website was the obvious direction to go, but it always seemed too risky.

In fact, this is the second website we’ve developed! We had a website ready for launch late in 2011. That October, California’s US Attorneys announced their crackdown on medical marijuana. In the midst of the raids, threats, and civil actions that ensued we canned the project.  And so it is for us that this website represents a coming out of sorts; a celebration. A celebration of how far we’ve come; even as we long for the day we can finally call this failed drug war over.

Drug war or no drug war, we intend to go right on providing you, our customers with the highest quality clones and the freshest genetics available to cultivators anywhere in the world backed by our reputation for producing healthy, vigorous, pest and disease free plants. Growers who know trust Dark Heart!


Dan Grace
President, Dark Heart Nursery

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