Clone transplant, final garden tweaks and weeks 1-3 of veg cycle in the series that teaches veterans to grow cannabis.

In the forth installment of VETSGROW, our student Al, finally gets growing…however, due to Episode 3’s hiccups, his garden was not yet up to scratch, so the first job when show creator Matt Grimshaw (A.K.A. Dr. Watt from TESTLAB) drops past our veteran gardener is to get our fixed CMH lamp up and transplanting the 2 week old clones into their 5 Gallon Fabric Pots. Meanwhile the edit of the show gets underway and highlights the many reasons that the VETSGROW team have for joining the fight.

Filmed as an open ended serial (circa 8-10 parts) following the process of introducing our veteran student to the modern world of medical cannabis while we teach him to grow & understand cannabis as a medicine – all in the hopes of creating a country-wide movement to help Veterans everywhere get the relief that cannabis can provide them.

Join the fight to give access to medical cannabis to ALL US Veterans and help teach those that can, to grow their own medicine and spread the knowledge.

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