Support structures for PTSD, cannabis and pests on your grow.

In part eight, show creator Matt Grimshaw (A.K.A. Dr. Watt from TESTLAB) follows the VETSGROW through it’s final stages as Al’s garden begins to mature and begins to need support but there are some surprises in store first, including a bug outbreak. Thankfully a new member of the grow team rides in to save the day and help the garden through to harvest.

Support structures factor greatly in the lives of PTSD sufferers too.

Filmed as an open-ended serial (circa 8-10 parts) following the process of introducing our veteran student to the modern world of medical cannabis while we teach him to grow & understand cannabis as a medicine – all in the hopes of creating a country-wide movement to help Veterans everywhere get the relief that cannabis can provide them. Join the fight to give access to medical cannabis to ALL US Veterans and help teach those that can, to grow their own medicine and spread the knowledge.


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