Teaching Veterans How To Grow Their Own Cannabis

What Is Vets Grow?

Dark Heart Nursery had the pleasure of partnering with Monster Gardens, Veterans Cannabis Group, Hardcar and Harborside Health Center to create a “how to” video series focused on teaching veterans how to grow their own cannabis plants. In 8 videos, each step of the growing process will be explained. Topics will include selecting strains based on your specific needs, building the growing structure, and what to expect during the different stages of your plant’s life. The current California Prop 215 regulations have eliminated some benefits that medical patients were receiving prior under Prop 64, such as access to free cannabis for medicinal purposes. We hope this video provides veterans, and anyone else interested, with the necessary knowledge to grow their own cannabis.

The videos will release twice a month and to be notified of each video release sign up for our newsletter.


Part 1 of Vets Grow

In the video below you will be introduced to the reasoning behind the concept of this video series and will meet the many people involved in the creation of Vets Grow. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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