Dark Heart is proud to offer healthy teen plants that help growers thrive. These teen plants are large, well-rooted plants that stand 18” tall and are rooted in 1 gallon pots or Hugo rockwool blocks. They can be topped or untopped depending on the grower’s preference. All strains are avalable as teens. Get in touch with Dark Heart today and order teens for your grow.

Dark Heart Teens are perfect for a variety of growers, including:

  • Indoor growers looking to reduce veg time and harvest faster.
  • Growers looking to convert veg space into flower space.
  • Growers with water restrictions or need to save money on water, electricity, or labor.
  • Outdoor growers who like to grow large plants are starting teens early (Feb-April) indoors or under lights.
  • Outdoor growers running more than one crop cycle, i.e. planting an autoflower crop in March/April, then planting full-term teens in May/June.
  • Growers looking to fill empty space and maximize revenue.
  • Outdoor and homegrowers who want to start plants late in the season (July/August).


Growers who are interested in ordering or learning more about teen plants, please contact here.

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