A sweet tasting, tightly-budded Indica hybrid that's perfect for entry level growers!

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Description for WhoOody

This strain is a heavy Indica, providing a mellow and relaxed body high with little psychedelic tingles. While certainly indica dominant in nature, she shies away from couch lock or heavy eyes, making it a great daytime medicine for pain relief. When concentrated, she crashes out massive diamonds that are brilliant enough to make a Kardashian jealous.

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Amazing Purple Hues, and Trichomes.

By Romulan Genetics on March 11, 2019

WhoOody is an amazingly easy plant to grow. It is highly viable as a commercial strain with just a few adjustments, mainly defoliation just before flowering and during the flowering cycle. She has large fan leaves that can cover the lower level buds, if left untouched, but with some minor to heavy defoliation she shines. From clone and left untrained, with a 28 day veg. cycle, you can expect a plant that grows to cover a 2′ x 2′ x 2′ space roughly, and will yield at a minimum 1 oz. per plant and up to 3+ oz. per plant. Her colorful hues of deep purple and black, bring some serious bag appeal when coupled with the high trichome production of this gorgeous girl. She has a light smell during flowering, and will not stink out any neighbors. Her smell and taste are of a berry-citrus variety, and are quite unique. She has an excellent structure to her, and even from clones she grows as if she is a seed grown plant. We left our indoor WhoOody untrained, and only did some minor defoliation at the flip to flowering and again 2 weeks later. She was fed water only, and grown in soil, using organic products and methods, under ceramic metal hallide lighting. We are very pleased here with her, and will certainly be running her more around here.

Super sweet WhoOody

By Michael on January 28, 2019

This strain is an average sized plant with a super sweet and fruity smell and a nice frosty colorful look to her. To be fair I did mess up and water for a few days without adjusting PH (it was high) and her leaves showed it, so size may have been bigger but quality was always there.

Wow!, whooody!

By Charlie on January 3, 2019

Wow, whooody! Awesome strain. Commercially viable too. High yielder, responds well to topping. Very very resinous and the purple hues seal the deal.

Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: NERDS Genetics
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Genetics: Gucci OG (clone only) x Sour Strawberry (BOG Seeds)
  • Average Rating: 4.7 stars


Geographic Origin: Colorado

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Yield: Heavy

Growing Tips: Grows into a short, but stout bush. Defoliate right before flipping to flower and again 2 weeks into flower. This strain tends to produce quite a bit of leaves, and if not defoliated early on, they will cover all but the top buds, preventing light from getting to majority of the plant. If not defoliated, it could result in lower yields and weak bud development.

Difficulty: Easy

Patient Expectations

Scent: Berry, Sage, Afghan musk

Flavor: Sweet berry Kool-Aid, Pineapple

Suggested Medical use: Pain relief, PTSD

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