Extremely potent – testing in the high twenties for THC

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Description for The White

It has thin yet sturdy branches and tends to fill up a space quickly while displaying decent node spacing.

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On my 4th Gen White, my favorite

By 4Dbox on March 12, 2019

I’m a garage grower and have grown 4 runs of The White, each a clone of the DHN original. A hardy plant, can train it hard, does well under LED lighting and FF soil, the high is a beautiful balance of mind/body with zero anxiety, a great after work time that provides energy with calm. Highest recommendation!

The White

By John on July 19, 2016

I grew that top left plant. It got white it smell good it smoke good. Big fan of the white. When I buy clones and don’t make them, I always get Dhn

The White

By Jay on February 9, 2016

Now anybody who says this plant doesn’t smell or didn’t come out good, needs to re-evaluate how they are growing.

I picked up some DHN “the white” clones and it is by far the frostiest and danky strain I have received from them.

Do not touch it with your bare heads, the odor is so strong they will smell up to two days later. Not to mention it is incredibly sticky. This plant gets thick buds so multiple staking or netting is necessary. Smells skunk like OG but very fruity.

The White is the real deal

By Blue Bear on February 9, 2016

Being a commercial grower, we’re always looking for top quality genetics for our rooms. As they say, what you end up with is first dependent on what you’re starting with. The White is an all around great strain. The look truly is white-capped when finished and she finishes nicely in about 8 weeks under optimal indoor conditions.

The bud structures are compact nugs with larger than average spacing between nodes. (Think classic OG here as opposed to say a Blue Dream type bud formation) Topping does help, but you’ll want to veg a bit longer to achieve good yields from her. Don’t let the previous review of “no smell” turn you off. This strain does quite well in the nose department if you know what you’re doing and is a rich earthy Kush. The smell transferred well through the finished flower, and also made some incredible kief and wax, both of which had amazing smell too. My advice would be to make sure you review how to properly dry and cure your finished product for maximum terpene retention in order to fully bring out her smell after growing, although we were able to smell her starting at about week 5 which kept intensifying through the grow cycle. Wet trimming is not advised.

She stacks the crystals deep, but novice growers beware, like most OG types she is very prone to powdery mildew which can spring up as early as the first week of veg. Make sure before you run this strain that you have a solid PM prevention/maintenance plan in place. Our farms personally use only organic approaches to PM control and we have had no problems keeping her in check. She can also take a heavy feeding schedule too which can help with yields.

Bottom line, while you can grow strains with larger yields, if you’re looking for an amazing OG type that will really wow the crowd, The White is an awesome choice for the intermediate grower.

No smell. None.

By aaron on March 27, 2015

The White looks great and yeah the THC is strong,  but what isn’t these days? If  you don’t want ANYBODY to smell what your growing then this is a great pick.

Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: unknown, popularized by Krome
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Genetics: unknown, but some speculate it’s a Triangle phenotype (OG Kush x Purple Kush x Master Kush)
  • Average Rating: 4.4 stars


Geographic Origin: Florida, USA

Story: Named “The White” for the color of the finished buds (which absolutely drip with resin glands), this strain is thought to have come from bag seed of an elite Florida strain known as Triangle. Though it’s not considered a true OG among most collectors, it’s reached the status of OG cuts in terms of rarity and overall value. The potency tends to be the most noteworthy trait of the strain aside from its incredible appearance.

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Growing Tips: Staking is recommended later in flowering, as the buds fill out nicely and the stems generally cannot support the weight. Early resin production fools most into premature harvest, but the last few weeks are when she really piles on the trichomes. A heavy feeder though not a heavy yielder, she is known for stretching tall so early topping is advised.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Lemon, pine, hashy

Flavor: Hints of mild pine, musk, and spice

Effects: Immediate, numbing, clear. A fairly functional experience, the mind remains active and acute while calming effects relieve the body without being overtly heavy. Relaxation and pain relief are its main medical qualities making for a great mid-day or twilight smoke.

Suggested Medical use: Muscle spasms, pain relief, anxiety, glaucoma, head aches, moodiness, nerve pain, appetite loss, gastrointestinal issues

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