Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t kidding when he said “may the force be with you”.

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Description for Skywalker OG

Often confused with the indica-dominate variety called Skywalker without the OG part, Skywalker OG produces above average yields of hash due to high concentrations or trichromes. The smell and taste of Skywalker OG is something that most Kush-lovers will fawn over. This strain is not as narcotic as other OGs can be, and it provides a gentle, euphoric effect. Great for reducing stress and mellowing out. 

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Skywalker kush

By Michael Weeks on January 21, 2019

Just finished spicy heavy smoke 1/2 pound plants

Even the Scraps Were Tasty

By JesusSaves on August 20, 2018

Low yield and white powder mold prone or not, this strain is a keeper i say. Use 1 tsp 35% H2O2 to 1 Quart water sprayer to treat tops and bottoms of shade leaves to control white powderr mold as needed. Strip heavily affected shade leaves after 4 under 12 hours. Do not spray the buds. Do not dip the finished buds in diluted H2O2, as that hurts potency.

Great strain high yield

By Rich on May 14, 2018

Nothing really to add but I made some oil at 53%thc, 10%cbd. Great relaxing body high. Takes a good 9-10 weeks. Fragrance really comes out after curing.

Skywalker og

By GrowinGreen on May 14, 2018

I grew skywalker trees outdoors last season the smoke is delicious nice & smooth ! The trees were 8-11 ft tall. Skywalker is popular in southern cali, very stoney head high, great for head aches
I will be growing her again!

May the Force be with you…

By Omar on June 30, 2017

I grew out the Skywalker og indoors in organic soil and it came out amazing! This was my first organic grow so there was a little bit of a learning curve. Despite a few hiccups and the Skywalker being a little bit finicky, she was the heaviest yielder in my garden and the smoke is one of the best, if not the best OG I’ve tried! Definitely take her at least 9-10 weeks she really swells up considerably during the last week or two. She’s also leggy like most OGs so definitely use some type of support or you’ll have branches flopping all over the place starting around week 5. She responds well to lst, topping, and supper cropping. A good 2 week cure really brings out that signature OG smell an flavor. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: unknown
  • Type: 50/50 Hybrid
  • Genetics: Mazar x Blueberry x OG Kush
  • Average Rating: 4.6 stars


Geographic Origin: California, USA

Story: Rumor has it was developed by Luke Skywalker himself. Explains why this variety is so outta this world. Old Ben Kenobi wasn’t kidding when he said “the force will be with you.”

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Heavy, Moderate

Growing Tips: Skywalker OG beefs up late in flowering. Also responds well to topping and super-cropping. Place clones outside on June 1st to prevent premature flowering. To start outside earlier, use the Gas Lantern Method of providing additional light during the dark period.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Earthy, fuel, diesel

Flavor: Herbal, spicy, sweet

Effects: Powerful physical relaxation, provides a slight cerebral increase in energy and awareness.

Suggested Medical use: Pain relief, appetite loss, migraines, PMS

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