This kush strain is so completely covered in crystals it takes on an actual silvery platinum bling.

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Description for Platinum OG

It’s no wonder where the Platinum got its name; this kush strain is so completely covered in crystals it takes on an actual silvery platinum bling, beautifully adorned with purple hues and bright orange hairs.

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The Absolute Best

By Ronan C on November 8, 2018

First strain I ever had and it ruined me for anything else. It’s perfect

The Mint

By The Toad on August 28, 2014

Like most OGs, she grows thin lanky fragile branches that need lots of support/trellising, other than that shes a pretty easy plant to grow, even tolerated really bad water (680ppm and 8.2ph out of the tap) and still came out spectacularly epic… the yeild is not heavy but if trellised it will still pack on a lot of bud…

Also I tend to prune Platinum OG the least of any strain, it grows fairly open and gets very good light penetration and the lower buds come out almost the same as the tops.

This is a top choice for smell, minty and kushy with some skunkiness.

Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: unknown
  • Type: 50/50 Hybrid
  • Genetics: Master Kush x Afghani OR Purps x Master Kush x OG Kush
  • THC %: 15% – 19.99%, 20% – 24.99%
  • Average Rating: 5 stars


Geographic Origin: California, USA

Story: Platinum OG is considered by many as the “ultimate” kush strain. Found in sunny California, not many strains compare to Platinum’s potent kush scent, taste, and effects.

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Moderate, Low

Growing Tips: Give this girl lots of TLC. She may not be the heaviest yielder, but her smoke is one of a kind.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Minty, lemony, skunky

Flavor: Minty, lemony, skunky

Effects: Spacey, narcotic, happy, lazy. A nice heavy body high with a crazy thought provoking head high.

Suggested Medical use: Stress, muscle spasm, spinal nerve pain, body aches, migraines, nausea

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