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Description for Jelly Rancher

Jelly Rancher is an extremely productive, fast flowering strain with very high THC levels. This 2019 Phenotype Mega-Hunt winner is absolutely covered in gorgeous sparkly trichomes and does not have the classic heavy fuel nose that’s associated with most high THC genetics. Jelly Rancher has an amazing sweet fruity cotton candy terpene strain that will delight extractors or look absolutely amazing in the jar, especially with that 30%* label on it! This sativa strain grows like an indica, meaning faster flowering with sturdier stems and structure. Expect an easy to grow, vigorous hybrid that will blow your mind by how fast buds stack up when you flip it to flower. Effects are strong but not debilitating. It’s that new potent yet energizing high that consumers seem to be hot after now that THC’s not the only game in town. This strain even had a few milligrams of CBG and CBD present in test results, adding a bit of intrigue to its effects. Jelly Rancher is a great performer in all growing environments, but particularly ideal for those looking for a quick turn or climates with earlier fall weather!

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Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: Humboldt Seed Company
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Genetics: Very Cherry x Notorious T.H.C.
  • THC %: 25% +

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Yield: Heavy

Growing Tips: Place clones outside on June 1st to prevent premature flowering. To start outside earlier, use the Gas Lantern Method of providing additional light during the dark period.

Difficulty: Intermediate

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