This freaky strain looks like a fern but provides a wonderful, uplifting sativa effect!

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Description for Freakshow

Freakshow is a funky looking plant thanks to a genetic mutation that causes crinkly, fern-like leaves. Often mistaken as a fern or marigold, Freakshow is a must-grow for any cannabis enthusiast who's looking for something a little different.

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Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: Shapeshifter
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Genetics: Unknown Sativa BX4
  • THC %: 15% – 19.99%


Story: When longtime grower Shapeshifter had several mutant seedlings with bizarre leaves appear in a batch of seeds, he did what most growers wouldn't do--he kept them and grew them out. He liked the result so much that he decided to cross these mutants and select for unusual leaf shapes and patterns. Several generations later with the help of the Humboldt Seed Company, Freakshow was born!

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Growing Tips: Place clones outside on June 1st to prevent premature flowering. To start outside earlier, use the Gas Lantern Method of providing additional light during the dark period.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Diesel and grapefruit notes, with hints of thyme and eucalyptus.

Flavor: Sweet banana and vanilla taste.

Effects: Boosting cerebral effect with a mild headband sensation. Excellent for daytime use.

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