A uniquely flavored bud with hints of semi-sweet chocolate and spice.

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Description for Chocolate Hashberry

Extremely frosty light-green buds, covered in pale and dark colored pistils. The flavor on the Chocolate Hashberry is rare indeed. It finds a spot on the pallet right behind the tip of the tongue; it is the perfect balance of semi-sweet savory.

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Beyond expectations

By Bill on November 27, 2017

This strain completely exceeded my expectations!

1. Tricome production was huge; it honestly was frostier than some of the best I’ve ever seen. Growing hydroponically it was tricomes on top of themselves, including amazing trim.
2. Colors are beautiful. Dark orange pistols on bright green bud to start. The last 2 weeks of flower the leaves turned dark purple as well as the bud! I hit colder night temps in doors (60f) and the bud is almost entirely dark purple, with orange hairs. Best bag appeal I’ve ever seen.
3. The smell is incredible. It’s literally like a sugary sweet berry with a hint of chocolate. The best I’ve ever smelled! I can’t wait for it to finish cure. I’ve had people tell me their bud smelled like a berry before only to be disappointed. With this stuff I couldn’t stop touching it.
4. Above average yield. Not huge, but solid none the less. Also all buds were of quality size and extremely dense. It felt like touching a piece of solid sugar.

I will Be growing again when available. I highly recommend as a winter grow with colder temps, brings out the purple like crazy.

Amazing cut, blew my expectations out of the water

By ManInDirt on September 29, 2017

Ran her sungrown, 100g smarts, organic feed, loved the teas. Insanely bushy plant, when she starts to flower remove all the dense innergrows like DHN suggests. She takes about 9-10 weeks outdoors at 3500′ in central cali, but she started earlier than any other strain showing strong signs of flower late July. Massive trichome production, solid dense buds, loves the organic teas she was fed! Would reccomend this to anyone!


By Steve on May 15, 2016

idono what the other review is talking about cause the chocolate hashberry is super frosty/covered in trichomes. Pretty good yeilder with a musky/earthy dank smell. A very bushy plant that grows pretty damn squat

Not sure what happened

By David on February 9, 2016

We were very excited about this strain and very impressed during veg stage. We planted 3 of them in 25 gal smart pots with Vermifire soil. We used a tuned down version of the Lucas method choosing to only nute once every third watering (3 day cycle). The other waterings we fed amendments then pure ph water to flush once a week. They did great!! Bushed out like crazy!! We are in a greenhouse by the way. We have been budding for almost 7 weeks. The issue we are having is that there is little to no trichome development on the flowers forming on the most outside buds. Also there has been basically no bud development over the last 2 weeks. It’s as if they just stopped. The main cola and a few of the colas closest to the main stem are pretty frosty but the outer rim colas are dark in color and barely any visible trichomes unless you get a magnifying glass. We are at a loss as to what happened. By the way, during flowering we reduced the nitrogen and upped the P and K as expected. I would like to know what if anything we did wrong. I want to give this strain another shot. I smoked it and it was amazing! Super hashy overtones and a flavor that is unmatched. I want to produce this strain. Help!!

Great new strain

By Bobby on July 13, 2015

This strain is a wonderful one. Has a unique smell that i have not experienced with any other strains before. Heavy yielding and very colorful. Does excellent outdoors, would recommend this to anyone.

Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: Purple Caper Seed Company
  • Type: 50/50 Hybrid
  • Genetics: Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush (Chocolate Kush is Moroccan Hashplant x Chocalope Cheese)
  • Average Rating: 4.6 stars


Geographic Origin: California, USA

Story: Bred by Purple Caper Seeds exclusively for Dark Heart Nursery.

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: Heavy, Moderate

Growing Tips: This plant grows bushy like an indica, however there is considerable spacing between the internodes. It is recommended to prune undergrowth in order to increase the density of the top buds.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Hashy, earthy, musk

Flavor: Nutty, cocoa, semi-sweet

Effects: Cerebral, upbeat, even body/head high

Suggested Medical use: Menstrual cramps, appetite loss

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