Unforgettable spicy aromas and pops of color!

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Description for Chile Verde

Careful, this strain is hot. Chili Verde combines the zest of Key Lime Pie with the musk of Lavender for a stony indica-leaning plant that grows big and spicy. This combination of colorful parent strains creates alluring lime to dark green and purple buds with an OG-like structure. A peppery aroma that makes for a smoke that actually tastes like chili peppers, in addition to a light sweetness with floral notes. This plant is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, and produces a high yield with relatively low maintenance.

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Dark Heart Nursery
Dark Heart Nursery

General Information

  • Breeder: H.B.K.
  • Type: 50/50 Hybrid
  • Genetics: Key Lime Pie x Lavender
  • THC %: 15% – 19.99%, 20% – 24.99%


Geographic Origin: California Central Valley

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Heavy, Moderate

Growing Tips: Does well with trellising and or support.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Patient Expectations

Scent: Musky, peppery

Flavor: Lime, Fuel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cheese

Effects: Cerebral euphoria that settles into a couchlock body high

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