Wow this is good bud. This thing grew tall plants with big dense greasy buds with little leaf to trim and reaking of rottin plums. Once its done, trimming is easy as hell because there was barely any leaves! dried and cured it is the most dense weed i have grown that reaks of skunk and blue or blackberey pie. This was grown in a greenhouse and almost died 2 times from heat exposure which was my fault. Other than that it was an incredibly easy plant to grow. i ended up with 1.5 pounds from one plant with barely any popcorn and all my nugs rocks. talking nugs size of half ur palm weighing at 10 to 12grams. a half ounnce looks like a quarter. Oh boy is it potent to it just glistens in light and is greasy sticky madness. The smoke is incredibly smooth and the smell of the bud is almost exactly how it tastes. The high has an imediate headband, eye lowering, giggly effect followed by a strong sleepy body high that slowly creeps up. This is a keeper strain. This will be kept in my stable for future use or breeding. I highly recomend this strain especially for beginners as it will provide you with a easy grow that will provide top notch results whether its to smoke yourself or to produce for patients or a collective.

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