Being a commercial grower, we’re always looking for top quality genetics for our rooms. As they say, what you end up with is first dependent on what you’re starting with. The White is an all around great strain. The look truly is white-capped when finished and she finishes nicely in about 8 weeks under optimal indoor conditions.

The bud structures are compact nugs with larger than average spacing between nodes. (Think classic OG here as opposed to say a Blue Dream type bud formation) Topping does help, but you’ll want to veg a bit longer to achieve good yields from her. Don’t let the previous review of “no smell” turn you off. This strain does quite well in the nose department if you know what you’re doing and is a rich earthy Kush. The smell transferred well through the finished flower, and also made some incredible kief and wax, both of which had amazing smell too. My advice would be to make sure you review how to properly dry and cure your finished product for maximum terpene retention in order to fully bring out her smell after growing, although we were able to smell her starting at about week 5 which kept intensifying through the grow cycle. Wet trimming is not advised.

She stacks the crystals deep, but novice growers beware, like most OG types she is very prone to powdery mildew which can spring up as early as the first week of veg. Make sure before you run this strain that you have a solid PM prevention/maintenance plan in place. Our farms personally use only organic approaches to PM control and we have had no problems keeping her in check. She can also take a heavy feeding schedule too which can help with yields.

Bottom line, while you can grow strains with larger yields, if you’re looking for an amazing OG type that will really wow the crowd, The White is an awesome choice for the intermediate grower.

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