A few years ago when I began my first grow. I picked up some Kens GDP, Fire OG, and Jilllybean. ALL DHN. I was living in the bay and was a Harborside customer. I picked DHN because they looked the best by far. This being my first grow, I over watered the OG’s and lost all of them (2) lol. The other strains grew like wild fire. I picked the Jilly Bean too early, so I cant vouch for smoke. But I can vouch that it is pretty excellent in edibles. Kens GDP is amazing looking. I had cold nights and the colors were insane. But alas, purple taste and looks great but the high is not my everyday choice potency wise. Now “The White” eats anything you give it.  It grew tall, but manageable. I didn’t try topping on my first go. Big nugs but yield is moderately low. So grow more, because you are going to need it. Its easy to grow, it looks amazing when growing. You look like the best farmer around. Crystals beyond crystals dripping way past the flowers to the leaves. When I trimmed it, I felt shameful for cutting off these leaves full of crystals just like the flowers. The look, the high, the short flower time. If I could only grow 1. I would grow “The White” If I could only smoke one. I would smoke “The White”.

A few years later and few non optimal grow attempts in make shift rooms and I find myself with a optimal space, and we have high real HIGH expectations. So what did I choose for my new space? I really need to just grow 1 variety and kill it. But I’m too curious and like variety, so I went to the best source I know, DHN. Purple Cadillac, Chem 4, and of course the WHITE. Next time (plat og). Looking so good in the 2nd week of flower. Soil mix/5g air pots. Purple Cadillac is a bit sensitive early, but strong now. PICS as soon as white frost rolls in. Thanks DHN.

The internet doesn’t show much love for DHN. People calling your genetics fake, and overpriced, and hermiefied. But someone always stands up and backs up in those threads…and tells them that they have always had quality product from DHN. Haters be damned for hating something so wonderful. quality stuff, the best. You can actually feel the DHN love in these little ladies. (volumptious ladies)

GSC is excellent of course. I will eventually have conquer the whole DHN line up.

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