Growing Dream Queen was simple, straightforward and did not need a lot of attention. The only mistake we made was not staking these plants up earlier in flowering. They will stretch well into week 6-7 of flowering and develop long branches that produced double fisted size nugs. Every branch from the bottom up started to lean with heavy colas and needed to be attended to late into flowering. If god was going out for a night this is the cologne he would wear out. Heavenly, is how I would describe the smell. Dessert, is how I would describe the taste. This strain tastes like sliced blueberries tossed in a bowl of brown sugar. Fruity does not describe the depth and complexity of this wonderful strain of cannabis. Yield was excellent and leaf structure allowed for easy trimming. The DQ went a little longer than the 7-8 week recommendation as it seemed to need extra time to finish up. Harvested at 9 weeks. Would grow again.

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