Sour tangie clone Dark Heart Nurseries
Medium soil Black Magic (new) prod.
LST and Stress Bent , topped
Feeding: fox farm all natural ferts every other water add Very lil milk and Molasses the UN kind of course
5weeks Veg went 11 weeks flower
Harvested dried 5 days still cureing 3week. I jard it top bud middle and lower bud. I have tried this ariomatic low branch bud haven’t tried middle or top 👊🏽Yep Damn it’s smells so Different hard to explain I get the citrus after blowing out. Ended up getting 2. 7 oz. almost 3 big jars. Good clone dark horse this was done with CFL grow. This plant can get big but like they say no pic no proof I have pics 👊🏽👍🏾

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