The jack f1 mom was the #4 indica expression that just buds for 10 weeks or so with a 7 day veg. She got about 41/2 ft. Tall.Great plant overall copious amounts of resin coverage too the point of ridiculous. Even the shade leaves were totally encrusted with resin rails….wow. The skunk#1 father was just as ridiculous aswell. Had the dark almost purple leaf trait. Hollow stems & straight skunk smell on the stem rub & tricombs on the male f1 too. Now I’m running these seeds and the seedlings are beautiful. Can’t wait to find a mommy or two to backcross. This is dif. a great strain & a pleasure to grow & breed. I’ll drop by with some pictures when there ready to pose lol. If you can get your hands on her then dif. do it. Of course the buds only going to be as good as the p1 parents you choose. Peace to all…J1 all the way.

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