Ignore my star rating because I haven’t finished this grow yet. I am in week 4 flower.

Grown indoors. 4×4 under a 900w ViparSpectra in FFOF. I am also growing DHN’s Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue #4. All in the same environment, side by side.

Both of the Dream Queens experienced nitrogen deficiency in early flowering (week2). Compared to the two Blue Dreams and one Gorilla Glue I am also growing in the same space. Both of the dream queens had this, and the rest didn’t.

I just wanted to throw this info out there in case future growers wanted some details about growing this strain. So, I would recommend to up the nitrogen just a bit.

I water fed AND foliar sprayed with Ammonium Nitrogen and the yellowing stopped, the plants look much happier. I’ll likely have to continue spoonfeeding them til harvest. I don’t mind. I should have gave them just a little more nutes in veg. Anyways, just some food for thought here. I tend to like DHN strains. Thanks guys!

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