I cannot say enough good things about the Mirage. She ticks all the boxes: trichomes, color, smell, taste, yields, structure, potency and vigor. She will amaze you from beginning to end, and will undoubtedly become a staple in your garden. She has lemon-citrus smelling buds, that are covered in frost, with purple leaves at the end that fade into a beautiful blend making some of the best bag appeal you can grow. The Lemon G side of her genetics shines through as usual, and overrides the Dr. Hoffman in most areas. She is an immactulate plant, with strong genetics. I highly recommend defoliation during flowering cycles, and a heavy defoliation just before the flip. She grows massive fan leaves, that will darken the skies if left untouched. We find she requires zero training, other than the fan leaf pruning. Her yield expectation indoors should be on the higher end, but if she is left untouched her yield can suffer due to the dinner plate sized fan leaves that can cover everything below the top canopy. Overall we give her a 10/10, and feel she is a true gem to have. We have several breeding projects planned that will involve her, and are quite excited to have this girl around.

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