We were very excited about this strain and very impressed during veg stage. We planted 3 of them in 25 gal smart pots with Vermifire soil. We used a tuned down version of the Lucas method choosing to only nute once every third watering (3 day cycle). The other waterings we fed amendments then pure ph water to flush once a week. They did great!! Bushed out like crazy!! We are in a greenhouse by the way. We have been budding for almost 7 weeks. The issue we are having is that there is little to no trichome development on the flowers forming on the most outside buds. Also there has been basically no bud development over the last 2 weeks. It’s as if they just stopped. The main cola and a few of the colas closest to the main stem are pretty frosty but the outer rim colas are dark in color and barely any visible trichomes unless you get a magnifying glass. We are at a loss as to what happened. By the way, during flowering we reduced the nitrogen and upped the P and K as expected. I would like to know what if anything we did wrong. I want to give this strain another shot. I smoked it and it was amazing! Super hashy overtones and a flavor that is unmatched. I want to produce this strain. Help!!

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