Hi I’m a novice grower, ran the gsc 10x in coco(3years) . I’ve learned that she veg slow and loves temps above 72f. Moderate eater. Ec was 1.3-1.5 from veg to week 5 bloom then bring it up to 1.8-2.0 at 6.2ph . Also my plants directly under hps lamp are smaller and less frosty then the plants further from bulb. This strain can yield but I found since gsc grows tall after the 12/12 flip and continues to stretch til wk 4 multi tops r better then lst. Scrog is best for yield. One must is to give cal mag during bloom all the way til wk5 in addition to base nutes. 84f is a ok temp but that’s max. Again she can 2-3xheight after stretch so make sure lights can b raised because she can stress being to close to light. I’ve hit 2.12lb w two 600w hps in a 8×4 tent. 67 days was a perfect time and the purple comes out late. I’ve ran bloom teas, botanicare pro blend line, age old organics, cyco platinum line, and house n garden soil and coco a n b full line. All works great but dont over feed and occasional flush help. Also ran microbe life line. All results and end product very similar. The only reason my yield went from .8lb to 2.12 is because I learned what/how to dial in a plant. Topping and Scrog plus patience helped. My rh was40-65% . Not hard to grow, every nug including lowers r hard as rocks!

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