Grows evenly, but stock zig zags which can cause side heaviness depending on flower formation and branch twist, leads to leaning.

Very fast vegetation stage 1.5 months until pre flower, really fast at 12 on, 12 off light/dep.

Bud formation beaitiful, but really gotta watch for mold as it is a tight plump flower and the lighter green color strains seem more prone to mold than the darker green color strains.

Purple bracts/nodes make it more important to keep a close eye for final day prior to harvest.

In hot conditions, cut water last 2-3 days before harvest.

In moist and cooler conditions, cut water 1 week before harvest.

Hot weather daily water

Cooler weather water twice per week.

A less moist soil seems to suit this strain well.

To get this strain to grow larger, must have 16 on, 8 off. Once 12/12 is set, Blueberry Muffin goes to flower. It must be a heavy indoor strain crossed for light dep with an outdoor strain, not sure.

Growth rate of BM versus GSC is about 2-3 weeks difference.

Brown hair coverage, not sure if 50% or 75% on this strain to harvest, but will find out at some point.

Seems to have less small wasteful bud formation with better popcorn formation at bottom areas of stock.

Tempted to thin majority of water leaves in last week….please advise if this is not recommended. It seems to work great on other strains in last week after cutting water, and flowers suck more from stock up, and lower moisture content in flower, like a live dehydration.

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