Blueberry Muffins smell and taste just like the name she was given. She is a truly amazing plant, that grows very short in size, but packs a serious amount of bag appeal in all areas. She throws the frost on fast, and hard. Reeks of blueberries at all stages of flowering, and can literally be given water only and she will grow well. We are finding here, that under CMH lighting, even though she is half the size of other plants in our grow room, her production is matching and exceeding other plants. We left her untrained, but did some fair amount of defoliation just before the flip, to help lower buds with their growth and to allow light to penetrate the canopy. Expect a plant that grows to about 16-20″ tall, with a 28 day veg cycle, but still puts out an easy 1-3 oz. per plant, if not more. If you grow SOG, or like to pack the plants in, she is a perfect choice as she stays small all around, and will not take up much real estate in your grow. She is a highly viable commercial strain, and can be grown for flower, extracts, or hashish, with great results. Overall we are extremely impressed with the Blueberry Muffins, and also are planning some breeding projects involving her soon. She is just too good, to not make some crosses with. You’ll love her, we are certain, as long as you give her the lighting she needs.

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