This is one strain you’ll want to grow if you’re looking for solid yields with bag appeal. An overall easy grow, she was the healthiest and sexiest plant on this run and delivered almost a qp from a plant that was only 3′ tall and didn’t get enough light or nutes in early flower. Tolerates nutes very well I don’t think I ever saw a burn sign of any kind. Nugs are frosty dense golf balls. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do when she hits 6′ plus.

As far as potency, I was worried after reading the previous review as I’m a higher tolerance smoker and don’t deal with boring smoke. I thought Alien OG was nice uplifting cerebral smoke I enjoyed it… definitely not super high THC. I’m not sure it is what I would keep for my personal stash because I’m pretty picky about what I’m looking for, but not everything I grow is for my personal stash… most smokers will be very happy with Alien OG especially those who are into big dense nugs (me personally don’t care about nug size but some people do!)

Definitely recommended for those with larger grows looking for yields, not necessarily for someone looking for a best of the best headstash strain.

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