The BlackberryFire does exceptionally well in DWC. I have been comparing my grow of this strain, with other locals who also received a cutting from DHN.

In DWC, this plant is chunky and frosty as all hell. In fact, the flowers also are a bit unusual. Very high leaf to calyx ratio, but ridiculous frost. Just about Every leaf came out super-taco with enormous frost rails.

I recommend not exceeding 1100 PPMs in late flower.

Even though there was a lot of leaves, trimming wasn’t as bad an I initially thought it would be.

The buds look like beautiful alien weed from another planet. At the end of flower, magenta coloration happens. It speckles the flower all over.

I am unable to upload photos to this website from my iphoneX (due to upload limits on this site)

However, I did document my grow on instagram @LEDGrowSanJose

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