This strain completely exceeded my expectations!

1. Tricome production was huge; it honestly was frostier than some of the best I’ve ever seen. Growing hydroponically it was tricomes on top of themselves, including amazing trim.
2. Colors are beautiful. Dark orange pistols on bright green bud to start. The last 2 weeks of flower the leaves turned dark purple as well as the bud! I hit colder night temps in doors (60f) and the bud is almost entirely dark purple, with orange hairs. Best bag appeal I’ve ever seen.
3. The smell is incredible. It’s literally like a sugary sweet berry with a hint of chocolate. The best I’ve ever smelled! I can’t wait for it to finish cure. I’ve had people tell me their bud smelled like a berry before only to be disappointed. With this stuff I couldn’t stop touching it.
4. Above average yield. Not huge, but solid none the less. Also all buds were of quality size and extremely dense. It felt like touching a piece of solid sugar.

I will Be growing again when available. I highly recommend as a winter grow with colder temps, brings out the purple like crazy.

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