Submission Instructions


Follow these instructions to prepare your samples for testing and diagnostic services.

For hop latent viroid testing, leaf tissue is best. Be sure to take one leaf from each of the main growing stems. Leaves in the 3’’-5” range work well. 3-4 leaves from each plant will provide adequate testing material.

Place the leaves in a ziplock bag and clearly label it with your business name and strain type. Do this for each of the plants you would like to test.

Pack your ziplock bags in a container with some cold packs. A cardboard box with an inner styrofoam container works best. Fully tape the seams to limit odor.

Send samples to:

Lab Services
717 Kevin Ct.
Oakland CA 94621

Customers have reported positive feedback with UPS shipping services.

It is important to note that because of the latent nature of this pathogen, a minimum 3-4 tests on each plant is suggested before you can ensure a plant is truly negative. 

To learn more about lab services, contact

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