Introducing PistilGuard™ Pollen-Proof Genetics by Dark Heart.

Dark Heart proudly introduces PistilGuard (TM) the world’s first seedless triploid cannabis for commercial growers. Dark Heart’s PistilGuard technology produces triploid cannabis seeds and clones that essentially cannot produce seed, even when directly exposed to pollen. This technology innovation means that triploid cannabis can be grown on the same scale as corn, wheat, or industrial hemp.

Dark Heart’s PistilGuard is produced by the same natural methods as triploid plants that you already know from your grocery store. Seedless grapes, citrus, watermelons, and bananas are all triploid hybrids, produced in essentially the same manner as this new triploid cannabis.


PistilGuard branded seeds and clones will be available exclusively to Dark Heart customers and partners this year through field trials, then will be generally available for sale to all California commercial growers in 2023.


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