Dark Heart Nursery partnered with Purple City Genetics to bring commercial growers more options; cannabis feminized seedlings!

Cultivators, meet our Feminized Seedlings!

Dark Heart Nursery is excited to announce that we are NOW carrying feminized seedlings bred by Purple City Genetics that are produced in our nursery. Feminized seedlings are small plants produced from seed that are nearly certain to be female (99% female). These seedlings will display some “phenotypic variation”. This means that the seedlings may behave differently from one another. For example, some may be taller, or shorter, some may have different colorations etc. We use parents that are considered stable, which tends to limit variation, but some variation should be expected. We have 20+ different strain crosses available for ordering, all bred by Purple City Genetics. 

In order to purchase feminized seedlings through Dark Heart Nursery you must possess a California State Cultivation or Distribution Permit. Unfortunately, a doctor’s recommendation/medical recommendation does not qualify as a CA State Permit. 


Characteristics of feminized seeds:

– Healthy, well-developed root systems, and consistent, uniform high-quality plants.

– 200 cell tray rooted in peat-based seedling media.

– Nearly certain to be female (99% or more) 

– Ideal for outdoor or greenhouse customers needing to fill large plant numbers at a lower cost.

– Crosses are all a part of the OG family to maximize uniformity. This is especially true with terpene profile. We expect all the seedlings to have an OG terpene profile in some capacity.

– Seedlings are often thought to be stronger and more vigorous than clones. Perhaps because of fewer pathogens susceptibilities, more juvenility, and/or “tap root.” Many North State growers have preferred them for years for this reason.

– Media is fully biodegradable leaving nothing behind after the crop cycle.


Ordering Info:

This product line will be produced and sold in 200c trays and are delivered when they are around 3 weeks old, at 2 – 3” in height and with 2 to 3 sets of “true leaves”. 

Must have a CA State Permit for Cultivation or Distribution to order (medical/doctor’s recommendation does not qualify as a State Permit).

**Minimum order is 600 per strain. 


1000 – 3999 units     $4.50 per stem

4000 – 7999 units     $4.00 per stem

8000 – 11,999 units  $3.50 per stem

12,000 + units         $3.00 per stem

**Allow for 3-5 weeks after date ordered for your order fulfillment and will require 40% deposit.



Available Inventory:

To view our current inventory availability for our feminized seedling line please click the link below:

PCG feminized seed inventory

Additional Strain Info

Kosher Kush: dense buds, gassy

Pre 98: vigorous, kushy, heavy yielding

Tangie x Key Lime: – very fruity, sativa, high yielding

Grape Ape: named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety. Get’s dark purple.

Strawberry Cough: sativa dom, medium yield but big buds

Headstash: indica, afgan, pungent, earthy, tight buds

Legend OG: classic OG type, indica dom, earthy/gassy, diesel

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