New Strains, New Partners and Pre-order for 2017

 Announcing the official release of 4 new Strains in 2017! 

Do-Si-DoS, Sour Patch KidsStrawberry Banana, and Sour Tangie!!

Strawberry Banana

Now you can find these Premium Genetics and all of the DHN Strains at MORE locations near you!  

Growers have been requesting new locations to pick up DHN premium clones, so we went on the hunt to find premium dispensary partners. Now you can find our pest-free genetics in these new locations throughout Northern CA;  Kind Peoples in Santa Cruz, Blue Moutain Collective in Calaveras County, Triple C Collective in Clearlake, and Purple Lotus in San Jose.  We are excited to offer our premium genetics to more growers at more locations.

Have you signed up for Drop Alerts Yet?

Do-Si-Dos                                                Share your high-quality photos here!

With Drop Alerts you tell us the strains you are most interested in and the locations you would like to pick them up. We will send you an email when we drop off a fresh batch of clones.  You can also follow us on Twitter to learn about our deliveries.  Follow us at DHNClones on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news, updates and shout-outs to our farmer community.

Pre-order DHN Clones at River City Phoenix in Sacramento
We recently partnered with River City Phoenix to test a pre-order service on a platform called Baker. This platform allows growers to “sign-up” to be alerted via text when we open up the menu for the weekly available strains and quantities that they can pick up at River City Phoenix that same week. Sign up and you will be alerted by text message when the pre-order menu opens on Mondays and Tuesdays. These days may fluctuate as a result of holidays. Pick up and Pay for your order (*tax will be applied) at River City Phoenix on Thursday. Items that are not picked up will be released to the public on Friday.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions or feedback. You can reach us at  We want to thank our grower community for sharing your experiences with us, sharing feedback and continuing to include Dark Heart Nursery clones as your premium genetics supplier in 2017!  

Cannabis Cultivation Survey

Want to include your input in the cannabis cultivation regulation process?  The California Department of Food and Agriculture is conducting an Economic Impact Analysis Survey to develop cannabis cultivation regulations. Since the outcome impacts the growers in CA, we wanted to make sure you knew.

5 responses to “2017 Update with New Strains!

    1. Greetings Farmer, thank you for reaching out. Southern California is definitely in our sights and we are working very hard to increase our inventory to bring distribution to your area. At this time we are only available in Northern California, but we have high hopes for the future! Thank you for choosing Dark Heart clones!

  1. Purple Lotus does NOT take care of the clones they receive. I saw clones with drooping, yellowed leaves on clones in the veg state. I’m not paying premium prices for clones I have to rehab. You might want to have a word with them.

    1. Greetings Farmer, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we take customer concerns very seriously. We will definitely bring your feedback up to management at Purple Lotus. Thank you for choosing Dark Heart clones, we appreciate your business!

  2. can you make it to where we can preorder smaller quantities? I need this for medical use and can no longer buy your clones because of RA I can not wait in long lines.

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