Check Out Our Hot New OGs and Sativas!

Dark Heart Nursery is committed to delivering not only the finest quality clones available anywhere on earth, but also the freshest genetics! As such, we are proud to announce the addition of eight new strains for 2015! We hope these new strains will become mainstays in your gardens for years to come. Availability of new strains tends to be extremely limited upon release; be sure to set up your clone drop alerts so that you can be among the first to try these out. Please let us know what you think about the new strains by filling out a strain review and submitting photos. Your feedback helps us determine which strains to produce more of, and which to get rid of. Below are details about the new offerings.

New OGs

Those of you with a keen eye may have already noticed Ghost OG and Tahoe OG in our recent drops.  These two strains have been great accompaniments to our well established OG collection.

The Ghost OG is a renowned cut made popular by forum grower OrganKid. It is thought to be an off-shoot of the Triangle Kush, an OG Kush phenotype from Florida. The Ghost OG gives a balanced high and is loved for its strong citrus smell and delightful taste.

Tahoe OG is a legendary strain that’s been around Northern Cali since the 80’s. Known for its smooth smoke and body numbing sensation, this OG classic is a living legend. The Tahoe OG may be familiar some as one of the parents in our Alien OG strain.

Another OG we’re proud to include is our new Fire OG phenotype; we’re calling it Boss OG. A heavier yielder than its relative, the Boss OG is bigger in size, smell, flavor, and potency. Our Fire growers love this new addition and rave over the yield.

New Sativas

Besides these fabulous OG’s, we are also pleased to bring you more choices on the sativa spectrum. Be on the lookout for Allen Wrench, Gorilla Glue #4, J1, Stardawg, and Kosher Kush.

Allen Wrench, a NYC Diesel x Trainwreck cross, is a strain sure to get the good times rolling. An uplifting cerebral smoke, the buds form dark green colas with unique smells of sour fruit; a head stash variety for sure.

Gorilla Glue #4 is a beautiful dank bud and winner of this year’s LA High Time Cannabis Cup. When researching this mysterious strain, we came across ICMAG’s thread showcasing just how lovely this girl really is, check it out!

Perhaps our hottest new sativa is the J1 strain. A Jack Herer crossbreed, this is an energizing strain inspiring movement and agility. Recommended for walks in the park, bike rides, a night out dancing, or even starting off the day, this variety is sure to get the senses heightened and the juices flowing.

Besides being out of this world, Stardawg is an sativa dominant variety with a prestigious lineage. The combination of Chemdawg 4 x Tres Dawg makes for a superb smoke.

Lastly, the award winning Kosher Kush is a quality medicine with unknown ancestry. Refined by DNA genetics, this variety originated out of Los Angeles and is described as a hard hitting sativa.

We hope you are pleased with the new selections we’re offering. Once you’ve had a chance to try out the new genetics please be sure leave a review or post a photo in the strain catalogue.  Happy gardening!

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