New crosses feature legendary and rare genetics that growers will love

New feminized seeds from Dark Heart Genetics are here! These signature strains are made with the best exotic, classic, and rare strains available. Grow these seeds and you’ll discover unique terpene profiles that give way to extraordinary experiences.

Summer 2022 Strains

Each seed pack contains 10 feminized seeds suitable for all growing environments, click strain name to learn more. 

Agua Dulce (Blue Dream x Fresh Air)

Cosmic Fire (Blackjack x Grapefruit Romulan)

Lola (Cherry OG x Purple Punch)

Neptune Frost (Blue Dream x White Runtz)

Romulan Reverie (Blue Dream x Grapefruit Romulan)

Sweet Dee (Gelato 33 x Dosi Sherbet)

Seeds can be purchased at these retailers:

Lytt in Pacifica

The Reef in Seaside

Sespe Creek in Ojai

Wheelhouse in Port Hueneme

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