The perfect time to plant seedlings is NOW!

Calling all home growers and cannasseurs: Dark Heart Nursery has new seedlings available for you to take your 2022 grow season from dank to divine! Landing now, just in time for planting season, are several mouth-watering, eye-catching strains ready for your soil, rockwool, and everything in between. Remember, seedlings can be planted outside starting in mid-March while clones should not be put outside until mid-May at the earliest.  Why seedlings? Seedlings are ideal for growers just starting out, those growing outdoors, and anyone looking for a stress-free harvest. Unlike clones, which are cut from a mother plant, these plants started off as seeds, and have been feminized for a 99% female rate. They also have extensive and vigorous taproots (that clones don’t have), which allow for better resistance to mold, pests, and drought, and can yield up to twice as much as cloned plants. Those enormous, iced-out plants you see on social media? Most likely grown from seedlings.   Every strain has been selected for its proven high-THC test results, bag appeal, stable genetics, and aromatic terpenes. And unlike clones, there’s no need to wait for May or June—they’re ready to plant outside now! 

  • Gruntz (White Runtz x Gelato 33): This indica-dominant hybrid is heavy on the three Ts: trichomes, terpenes and THC. Combining the fruity zest of White Runtz with savory Gelato 33, this plant looks just as good as it smells, with blizzard buds that turn purple with green and orange accents in the right conditions. It also offers the perfect body buzz with some cerebral stimulation.
  • Koda Kush (Guava Kush x P98 Bubba Kush): Combining the tangy, euphoric qualities of Guava Kush with one of California’s favorite classic indicas, this stony, earthy cross has big, dense buds and a nose that ranges from sweet to citrus to coffee. Plants will grow compactly like most Kush strains, with buds that range in all shades of green with a frost of trichomes. This strain is ideal for smokers in need of taking a load off and staying on the couch.
  • Sherblato (Gelato 33 x Sherbet): Big dense buds in shades of green and purple, a sharp, creamy nose and a body high that won’t trap you on the couch make Sherblato a perfect summer and fall strain. You’ll get maximum yield from these bushy plants with an indoor grow environment.
  • Sugar Monster (Gelato Ice Cream Cake x Dosado Sherbet): Treat yourself and others to this heavy-hitting hybrid worthy of Willy Wonka’s factory. This cross will give you dense, royal purple nugs and a palate that combines earthy, doughy and sweet. Expect brag-worthy buds and the perfect dessert companion from this indica dominant strain.
  • Tooth Fairy (White Runtz x Sherbet): Don’t worry; this drool-worthy hybrid won’t give you a toothache, but it may inspire the munchies. Satisfy your sugar craving with this abundant hybrid from two cannasseur favorites; expect many gorgeous buds in deep purple and lime green, sugary terps and a zen euphoria. Excellent for squishing and concentrates.      

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