Dark Heart is excited to announce its newest product for hobby growers, autoflower teens! Autoflowers, or feminized automatic flowering cannabis, are some of the easiest cannabis plants to grow because they do not require a dark cycle in order to harvest.

Dark Heart autoflower teens come in 2.5 gallon pots and they do not need to be transplanted. They will start flowering shortly after you bring them home and be ready to harvest in 40-60 days! Autoflowers are hardier and less finicky than regular cannabis plants. Perfect for beginner growers or cannabis beginners!

Here’s why autoflowers are a great way to introduce someone to growing cannabis:

  • Fun to grow! Great for first time growers and beginners: Each of these vigorous plants will produce beautiful flowers in a wide variety of conditions. However, the better the conditions, the better your result!
  • Just add water: Soil mix is precharged with slow release fertilizer that provides complete plant nutrition every time you water.
  • Proven genetics: Stable seeds from award winning breeders means you’ll have a healthy plant that will outperform your expectations.
  • Attractive: Pot design is attractive and modern, and fits right into your space. Great for entertaining!

Autoflowers will be available to the public for the Spring 2020 planting season. Retail location and drop dates will be announced on social media and through clone drop alerts.

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