Dark Heart Partners with NERDS Genetics to bring CA cultivators top shelf cannabis strains that will perform well in their gardens!

Cultivators, Meet NERDS Genetics

In 2010, two cannabis nerds, Professor Harvey and Cowboy Bob, came together to establish their Colorado-based cannabis seed company, NERDS Genetics. NERDS Genetics has one mission – to develop and stabilize the most potent and flavorful hash-making cannabis strains on the planet. NERDS stands for “Never Ending Research & Development of our Strains” because it represents how they have always approached learning about the cannabis plant; constantly researching, hypothesizing and testing different techniques for breeding and plant care. Cowboy Bob shared with us that, “The tools we have developed along this journey are helping us to better understand the mysteries of this miraculous plant, but we know (and are excited by the fact) that there are lifetimes of further exploration into the parallel evolution of humans and cannabis. I like to think of NERDS as an acronym for our commitment to this exploration.”

Dark Heart & NERDS Partnership

Eight years later, Dark Heart Nursery is excited to be partnered with these nerds to bring you two of their favorite strains thus far, WhoOody (pronounced “whoa-dy”) and Mirage. “Dark Heart Nursery is focused on partnering with breeders who bring something unique to the cannabis industry, but also who produce what our customers are asking for, and that is strains that grow well, with big yields, made from premium, stable genetics. Nerds Genetics’s core focus is producing strains well suited for extractions and with vape pens and concentrates representing a large portion of the cannabis market, we feel that Nerds meets all of this criteria,” said Daniel Grace, Founder of Dark Heart Nursery.

As Daniel Grace touched on, what Dark Heart finds most attractive about NERDS is their focus on breeding strains that produce a heavy yield and a ton of terpenes. Cowboy Bob shared with us that he compares all of his prospects against Blue Dream. If the new strain doesn’t yield like Blue Dream and isn’t as easy to grow as Blue Dream, she doesn’t make the cut. NERDS works closely with extractors in the Colorado cannabis market to ensure that their genetics are fully loaded with unique terpene profiles that will make exceptional concentrates. But cultivators of all kinds should be excited about these two strains as well since they are easy to grow, high yielding, and will cultivate well in all environments. Consumers are going to love the unique and delicious flowers and concentrates produced from these genetics!



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