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About The Film.

Lady Buds is a documentary feature that follows six courageous women as they transition from the “black” market to the regulated market in the California cannabis industry. As farmers, entrepreneurs, medicine makers, and activists, our Lady Buds are modern-day superheroes battling corporate interests and risking financial ruin to fight for the industry they helped create, and for the survival of their community.

They are still filming through the end of 2018 and fundraising at the same time. The Kickstarter goal covers the costs of finishing production, while the stretch goal allows the Lady Buds team to hire an editor and begin post-production. With your help, they’ll be able to move forward with filming and push this urgent and timely project closer to completion.



Why This Film Matters.

After legalization rolled out in California, many cannabis consumers celebrated. But for those who shaped the cannabis industry in the shadows for decades, the new legislation left many legacy small farmers, medicinal patients, and marginalized communities unprotected and unacknowledged. In making Lady Buds, it’s become apparent that the mission of compassion that birthed the medical marijuana movement over 20 years ago, is in jeopardy and being threatened by corporate greed.

Lady Buds focuses on the community who passionately believe in promoting the healing benefits of cannabis and those who are working to de-stigmatize cannabis so people all over the world can benefit from its medicinal properties. Lady Buds has been filming this radical change unfold in real-time, capturing the social and political side of legalization most people do not know about, through a female lens, something rare and a perspective often overlooked.


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