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Those of you paying close attention may have noticed, starting several weeks ago, that Dark Heart Nursery has been making regular deliveries to Organicann in Santa Rosa. We are excited to add Organicann to our growing list of premium retail partners throughout the extended Bay Area! Working with Organicann will allow Dark Heart Nursery to provide better access to our Dark Heart Nursery and Heartlet branded clones for cultivators in the North Bay and beyond.

For more information about Organicann, including information on recent drops check out our retail partners page. If you would like to be informed when and what we deliver to Organicann you can subscribe to email drop alerts by clicking here.

Organicann is a particularly exciting partner because they offer a number of additional products and services targeted specifically towards cultivators; making them a one stop shop for all your cultivation needs. In order to learn more about Organicann’s offerings Dark Heart Nursery conducted the following interview with CEO, Dona Frank.


DHN: Tell us a little bit about Organicann.

DF: For the past nine years, OrganiCann has been the premier cannabis dispensary in Northern California, and the flagship store of the Natural Cannabis Company (NCC).

DHN: What makes Organicann a good choice for cannabis growers?

DF: We are a one-stop shop that conveniently pairs our dispensary with a cultivation supplies store, (known as the American Growers Exchange (AGE)). Our AGE team is made up of expert cultivators with a culmination of over 50 years of plant experience. With this expertise we can provide open communication in a community of cultivators who are knowledgeable resources for one another. Cultivation supplies are also offered at exclusive membership pricing.

DHN: What do you think about Dark Heart Nursery’s offering? Which strains are you excited by?

DF: We are extremely excited to offer Dark Heart’s beautiful genetics. Clients love the variety and quality of these top notch cuttings. Cherry Pie has been particularly popular this season.

DHN: What other services does Organicann offer for growers?

DF:  OrganiCann is always coming up with new ways to serve our clients, who have made us what we are today.  We enjoy hosting exclusive events for members, organizing our High Art and My Garden Photo contests, and are looking forward to our upcoming participation as a drop-off location for vendors entering the Emerald Cup in 2014. OrganiCann’s outstanding, interactive website allows vendors to make online appointments, and is loaded with information about our products, and cannabis in general.

DHN: Are there any important rules associated with your clone department?

DF: Since OrganiCann is based in Sonoma County, we allow each client a purchase up to thirty plants each visit.

DHN: What are your weekly hours?

DF: OrganiCann is open seven days a week! (Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm)


301 E. Todd Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 588-8811

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