These healthy, well-established plants allow growers to harvest sooner.

Dark Heart Nursery is now providing teen plants! 

These best-in-class teens are 18-24’’ tall and thoroughly rooted in 1-gallon pots. They are ready to flower, or grow into trees. Dark Heart teens are thriving and ready to take off in the garden! All teens have the same quality and consistency that you’ve come to expect from Dark Heart clones. 

Teens are perfect for growers looking to:

  • Minimize veg time
  • Grow big plants ASAP
  • Quickly try new strains
  • Fill empty space later in the growing season
  • Maximize harvests in year-round indoor and light dep operations

The decision to produce teens comes from consistently receiving feedback from growers that they need bigger plants that require less time to veg. Dark Heart is proud to now offer teens as part of its core mission to help farmers thrive. Available now for retail partners and direct growers. For best pricing and availability, as well as first access to new strains, get in touch to learn about contracted teen delivery and plan out the rest of the year with Dark Heart. Click the direct ordering link to get started! 

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