Enhance your experience with Alchemy by Dark Heart. Now available at a dispensary near you!

Alchemy vaporizer Pen by Dark Heart is already a hit with patients.  Just check out some of the direct feedback we have received since our release on the 4/20 weekend 2015.

“LOVE, LOVE , LOVE thank you, I have been smoking for 47 years (really) I know quite a bit..” -Female, 47 yrs smoking, 60 yrs. young

“Loving the product overall and can’t wait to try more. I was impressed with how long my first cartridge lasted compared to other brands” -Female, 5+yrs smoking, 20’s

Alchemy by Dark Heart is a pre-filled vaporizer cartridges.  What makes this vaporizer pen unique is the four distinct aromatic blends of cannabis oil and botanical extracts. Inspire, Relax, Explore, and Awaken harmonizes the power of cannabinoids with the aromatic and therapeutic effects of plant-derived terpenes. Rather than simply focusing on strain names or sativa/indica ratios, Dark Heart alchemists have managed to distill the true essence of nature into four experience enhancing blends.

Now you can find these experiences at multiple locations throughout CA.   Try them out and  let us know what you think! Whatever you’re planning to do, the discreet and stylish pen will fit right in.  If you are a retail dispensary, collective or delivery service who would like to carry Alchemy for your patients, please contact us.  Here’s more about each experience;


EXPLORE – an arousing floral hybrid blend designed to inspire confidence, curiosity, & charisma.

INSPIRE – a creative hybrid “chai” infusion with hints of sweet orange & creamy vanilla to promote imagination.

AWAKEN – an energetic blend of sativa, citrus, mint & other botanicals to invigorate the senses.

RELAX – a soothing elixir of lavender, chamomile & indica extract whose calming combination melts away stress.

Alchemy contains Supercritical Extracted CO2 oil tested at 30% THC.


Four custom “experiences” to meet your needs: Alchemy goes way beyond “Indica or Sativa.” Each product features a custom blend of cannabis oil and botancial extracts designed to enhance your experience.

Unparalleled Consistency:  Dark Heart alchemists develop hand-crafted formulations from highly refined cannabis and premium botanical extracts. Our blends ensure that patients get the same experience and flavor profiles every time.

Discreet and stylish: The low-profile Dark Heart Alchemy Vaporizer Pen helps patients enjoy their own private experience.

Clean and safe: Dark Heart uses CO2 extraction techniques to ensure concentrates are ultra-pure and free of harmful hydrocarbons often found in butane extractions. Our products are lab-tested by Steep Hill Labs for potency and safety.

More than Flavor: The flavors we experience in cannabis come from chemicals called “Terpenes.” The cannabis flower is known to contain many terpenes. These terpenes do more than just add flavor; many are known to have unique therapeutic effects. In fact, THC itself is a terpene! The combination of many terpenes can lead to a synergistic “entourage effect,” popularized by Dr. Ethan Russo. By adding terpenes selectively, through the addition of botanical extracts, our alchemists have developed a unique product line that can deliver specific experiences consistently.


30 responses to “Alchemy Vaporizer Pens by Dark Heart

  1. I tried “awaken”. It’s amazing. Cut down on the pain & enabled me to totally focused on work.

  2. Love the vape pen. Some suggestions –

    Include instructions on how to use in the box.
    Lose the red at the end of the pen. It’s not on fire. Make the light green and more discreet.
    Send “Relax” to RCP in Sac STAT.

    My first vape pen. I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂

    1. “Relax” has been delivered to RCP! Enjoy your experience.

  3. Hey there – just picked this product up at RCP this afternoon. I’m kinda a newbie but still wanted to provide comments. I haven’t tried product yet, but here are comments from purchasing:

    1) I was really hoping for the Relax flavor! Ah well.

    2) There are no instructions at all?
    2A) How long does it take to recharge the battery? Does it come charged? How are you supposed to use the device? (I’m sure I can figure it out, but always appreciate having manufacturer’s instructions). Is the battery good enough to go through 0.5 ml or 1.0 ml without recharging?
    2B) Also, I found a tiny blue cap underneath the mouthpiece – is that supposed to be removed prior to inhaling? Do I need to replace that cap when I’m not using it? (Will oil leak out if I don’t???)

    3) I almost didn’t buy it because of this, but this is sold without any mention of how much THC there is in your product. I saw that it’s a half-milliliter of oil, but at what concentration? With the other edibles and products, I can do a dollar-per-THC content comparison, but I can’t rate how good of a value this is without knowing whether it contains 25 mg THC or 500 mg THC… Also, having the THC content helps me, as a patient, predict how long the product will last for me – very important when I’m traveling!

    4) Since you’re adding flavors and aromatics to CO2 oil, could you include an ingredients list on each package? To help people avoid things they’re allergic to?

    On the positives, the packaging is great – I like the clean design of the black ink on recycled cardboard with each flavor having its own accent color – very well done. Also nice foam insert inside holding the three parts. A nice ‘unboxing’ experience! Someone put a lot of great thought into the marketing.

    Will update on flavor soon….

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      Relax has been delivered to RCP! Enjoy the new experience.
      We will be adding the instructions for how to use, battery and charger into the new starter kits. In the interim, if you would like me to email you the PDF, please send your email address to info@dark-heart.net requesting instructions.
      You will also see the THC levels on the new packaging.

  4. I’m using the Explore variation. I quit smoking 3 days ago and this helped me do it. Seriously. Its awesome.

  5. I bought the Awaken and wow! Love it! Great packaging, beautiful design. Great taste and smooth. I see that you are adding the THC levels as that was missing from packaging. The flavor is wonderful and really good for relief with the ability to focus. The lack of instructions was not a problem , pretty easy to figure out. I went back for more today. As soon as the weather changes I am sure I will be in the” mood” for the orange chai blend. Thanks for producing a really sweet vape product. I would love to recommend a variety pack of some sort so all of the product line can be sampled.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The variety pack is a great suggestion that we’re definitely going to work on!

  6. Perfection. Beutiful packaging inside and out. Easy to read instuctions with illustration. Perfect little usb charger. I got the Explore and will be going back today for Awaken. So happy to have found something to keep me relaxed yet focused during my stressful work days. A million thank yous!

  7. Perfection. Beutiful packaging inside and out. Easy to read instuctions with illustration. Perfect little usb charger. I got the Explore and will be going back today for Awaken. So happy to have found something to keep me relaxed yet focused during my stressful work days. A million thank yous!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. So happy to hear Alchemy is helping you stay relaxed and focused. Your going to love the Relax and Inspire blend!

  8. It took me about 3 weeks to realize what the swishy button on the tip of the pen was, until I got super stoned and I realized that it was a stylus for my phone! This is a great product and I would recommend it to any patient/stoner that wants to get high on the go without anyone knowing.

  9. Really enjoyed the pen for about 60 days (1 cartridge) until it stopped working. It is completely charged but no longer seems to work. Retailer would not allow me to exchange for a working base and can’t seem to locate contact info. for Dark heart.

  10. had some 4 cartridge packs in a metal case…are you still providing those to collectives for sale or only cartridge refills? Would love to know! Thank you

  11. 1st awaken cartridge purchase; Is the oil in the cartridge supposed to get darker as you smoke? It was a bright yellow that has gone to a dark brown. Or do I have a defective cartridge?

    1. Thank you for reaching out. The oil color change is perfectly normal. This does not mean that the oil is going bad, but rather that the botanical oils that are infused with the cannabis oil are being exposed to heat. They tend to change color as they are introduced to heat over and over again. This is nothing to be concerned about, just something that natural botanical oils do. The taste should not be affected by the color change. Ways to prevent oil color change is to “sip” on your vape pen rather than taking long, drawn out hits. This minimal exposure to heat not only prolongs the life of your oil but your battery as well. Hope you are enjoying your Awaken!

  12. Got the rechargeable pen at RCP. Love the slim look, it fits in my bag perfectly. However, it only lasted a month or so before it stopped working. It’s charged and lights up but doesn’t hit anymore. Pretty disappointed because I just bought a new cartridge.

  13. Are the cartridges made of plastic or glass? Plastic poses a health risk, so if you make a glass cartridge I’ll be picking one up.

  14. hi i have my second alchemy explore pen and the cartridge broke again
    it’s still rather full , this is so frustrating

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