What has Everyone Stuck?

Here in the nursery we try our best to meet market demands but in the last few months one specimen in particular has kept us on our toes.  We are talking about our lovely new crystalline queen: Gorilla Glue#4 and it’s literally got everyone stuck on her.  During the recent Emerald Cup, everyone wanted to know about “the glue” and the few cuts we had flew off the shelves.

So what’s the deal and spiel with this Gorilla Glue#4 lady? She recently won 1st place in the 2014 LA High Times Cannabis cup and her uniquely satisfying flavor profile and sensational traveling high make her a stand out for quality. The smoke is so nice it’s hard to believe that she was an accident!  According to legend, the whole seedy situation started one day when breeder Joesy Whales entered his garden and found that some of his Chem Sis had hermied and pollinated some neighboring Sour Dub plants. Frustrated,  Joesy Whales threw the strain away completely. Luckily, a fellow grow friend of Whales named Mardogg held onto some of the seeds; seizing the opportunity to turn lemons into lemonae. Mardogg later planted these seeds and the result was Gorilla Glue pheno’s #1,2 and 4 (#3 was stunted and dumped). In the end it was only #4 that became the chosen Gorilla and she went on to win the cup.

Don’t think for a minute that the GG4 (as we call it) is all hype. The strain is incredibly resinous. A bane to all trimmers, GG4 gets its name from its tendency to clog scissors until they are stuck; permanently perhaps!  This shiny star is a stunner; she looks bedazzled in crystally buds. A winner for bag appeal. The initial flavor is front loaded with diesel and pine but there is also a smooth sweet undertone. This hybrid roller coaster high is euphoric, focused and happy. And wait, what’s this? Do I feel a tingle? Oh yeah buddy, it’s a pleasant head tingle that eventually blankets the body. Believe me it’s nice, real nice. As a matter of fact, it is so nice that now you want more and this where the story gets tense.

Here’s where we harsh the mellow. Because as Peter Parker says “with great strains come great internet feuds.” (Thanks Uncle Ben). So the forums are on fire with rumor, gossip, slander. Does so and so have #4, maybe it’s #3. Which cuts are Gorilla Glue at all? Who could tell? It’s a sad side effect of our underground past that it’s impossible to ever know for sure.

We would be lying if we ever told you that we could guarantee that one of our strains is identical to someone else’s version. And, frankly, so is anyone else that tells you that. But one of the assurances we can provide is that of uniformity. If you like a DHN strain you tried out, it will always be the same whenever you get it from us. So, please give Gorilla Glue #4 a shot and let us know what you think!

“Easier said than done,” you say. Fair enough. We’re not keeping up with the GG4 demand.  But the Dark Heart propagation team wants you to sleep at night. We assure you we are working our hardest to increase production of this lady just for you. Just give us little time to beef up the inventory! Or should I say “glue” up the inventory!

23 responses to “The Inside Goop on Gorilla Glue #4

  1. You can’t guarantee that your strain is identical to the “Gorilla Glue #4” created and passed around by Joesy Whales from Icmag, and yet you still market it as “Gorilla Glue #4”????
    Can you please explain how this makes any sense at all? Why not contact Joesy Whales on ICmag and verify it yourself? I mean you have a big advertisement banner over there, Im sure it wouldn’t be hard to make a profile and send him a private message?

    1. I’d grow out the cut BEFORE putting it out there for sale.
      Banners and backstory and you don’t know what you got??

    2. I sourced it near close to the “original…” I was *maybe* 3-5 steps removed from Josey on the transaction…

      I’m still skeptical because I know how people are..The propagator was sensitive about my skepticism despite my reporting promising signs…that in its self is suspicious.

      Finally, cuttings change slightly over time due to mutations…some “official” stuff in one region can potentially change character over time despite legitimate origins. That is usually +10 year scales though. I think this cut is maybe a 5 years old…or something

      1. You ever heard the story of how OG Kush became SFV OG Kush and Tahoe OG? Someone went to Tahoe with cuts and another person when to the San Fernando Valley to grow them out, those radically different climates led to radically different phenos manifesting out of the potential genetics due to the environments they were grown in.

  2. They aren’t saying it isn’t GG#4 they are saying they couldn’t guarantee that one of their strains is identical to some one else’s version. Meaning if someone says they have the original GG#4 it may look different than what they have but DHN is good for their word, jesus man this is a well respected clone machine of a company.

      1. Thank you for your comments about the GG4. We are in fact working on getting in touch with the breeder but have had some difficulty.

        Much of the concern seems to be coming from the photo we’ve posted of the GG4. That photo was submitted by a social media user and then improperly posted as the featured strain image by one of our team members. The photo should not have been posted in this way, especially since it’s currently so hyped up.

        So far, we’re getting positive feedback from growers having run our GG4 to fruition. We’ll post new photos to social media as they come in, and will post photos here as we receive them from our verified test gardeners.

        As with all new strains, we recommend that growers try a few of our GG4 cut before committing to running a full garden.

      2. You mean, “discoverer.”

        The “official” story is that it was from a botched grow…the garden was probably infested with pests and thats why it hermed out on them. They planted a “few” seeds years later from a small cache.

        If it was “created,” it would have resulted from skills and plan with direction and not depend much on serendipity.

        1. what the fuck ever, the one who produced the seed, germed the seed, and spread it around freely. The one who, if it werent for him, there would be no gorilla glue. Yall with your grammar bull…. Most so called “elite” genetics dont come from a breeder or i mean “creator”, they come from accidental bagseed, similar to this. At least JW told people the truth and gave it freely instead of making up a bullshit story that glorified himself and hoarding it.

          1. I don’t believe the story. GG#4 is probably highly bred out of 1000s of plants. Josey couldn’t admit that if it were true..Jail time

            Honestly, I wouldn’t be at a loss in any way if GG#4 didn’t exist. I only picked up the cut because of its popularity. My lesson was, popular isn’t profitable unless you are connected in social. Since I am not, I will go with hard to grow, unpopular fire. ALso, instead of selling glue to the shops, I will sell outcrosses and seeds.

            Why didn’t Josey sell seed so I could buy a male? In fact, seed is much easier to get across state lines too. And how does Josey not profit from being for sure the “real cut” in a sea of questionable cuts? Why didn’t Josey genotype the plant so we could all verify the real deal independently with a PCR test in any lab with the right equipment?

          2. Real talk, both OG Kush and Chemdawg are the products of bagseeds. Anyone who thinks it takes planning to create a top-selling strain doesn’t know their roots. That being said, be careful growing out potentially hermied bag seeds and trying to use those unstable genetics to create supposedly stable strains.

            Personally, my favorite strains are all landraces and no one intentionally bred those other than nature itself. Definitely not alone on that one, considering how beloved Thai sticks and Thai bud still is today.

          3. I’m with you on the landraces, Mitch. The true ones and the original crosses are what dominated the emerald triangle in the 90’s. That’s the kinda shit we grew up smoking. Famous around the world. I miss that kinda dank… Got a “Pennywise” or, “JuicyFruit” female that is gonna be sooo kind. I pulled the seed out of a homeless guy’s sack a few years ago and decided to pop it. GLAD I did. Got a “G.G.#4” from Harborside and put it outdoors. It still is super short and bushy, hasn’t started shooting at all…. So disappointed, as the medical only allows for 6 plants and one of them is a 2 foot tall long haired sasquatch, not a gorilla, mayne! My bum’s seed is fu*king jamming, like 4 feet tall and topped twice (so like 3 feet wide), started at the same time as the friggin G.G.#4 from Harborside. Now, I’m not ripping on Harborside or Dark Heart, cuz the other ones were great, the “pre-98 Bubba Kush” is explosive, the “Harlequin” is bushy too, but it is also shooting out, so I love it. Even the “(t)Suzy Q” is doing well. Looks just like the Harle’s, but a little smaller and a lighter shade of green, almost a fluorescent green outdoors. I’m really stoked on this strain, as it is a 59:1 CBD to THC ratio. So, basically it should have less than 1% THC resin and loaded with CBD crystals! Which I really need for chronic pain. I love having the ability to get relief without any intoxication. Also, I love having a super dank smoke, like the Bubba. Then there are times when you need a 50/50, like the “Pennywise”, for if you have pain and nausea…

            I just really hope the “G.G.#4” pulls out of it.. Really dorked out, putting out single bladed leaves and super bushy crap! Any suggestions??? I’m giving it plenty of food and water, mycos, and superthrive! Maybe a “GROW” hormone would help?? Anyone have the same problem with a this strain outdoors? Thanks. Peace.

          4. I have a GG#4 clone outside (in Oregon) that is a massive bush of flowers 8′ across and about 7′ tall.

            Indoors, this cut appeared to be a light producer when looking at the buds on the plant, but the results on the scale were pleasantly surprising.

            I like smoking her, too.

          5. Well, “el dub”…that’s all nice and dandy for you, but it doesn’t answer jack sh*t about why the fu@k these GG#4’s won’t grow (at the time of year when I asked). Well, we did some research and found out that the GG#4’s won’t uptake nute’s at anything over 95℉ !
            So, with that said, that’s why they weren’t growing in the 110℉ weather we were having in a certain part of northern cali… Now that the weather has cooled down, all six, even the little GG#4 have gone bananas!!! I’m very happy with my progress so far on my yearly medical supply. The one “Pre-98 Bubba” ish sho bad ash. It’s gonna be _UGE!
            The two little harlequin sisters are looking nice…pink haired and water-tight…
            The one and only start from seed, a “Pennywise”, I believe…is almost friggin done! Both it and the “T’Suzy Q” are both like a couple weeks out, and with spotless, magnificent colas! The sun leaves are going from green to wrinkled orange/brown in like a couple days man. I see a yellow leaf, the next day it’s half wrinkled, and then the third day it’s ready for me to pluck it right off. They are just going from start to finish (flowering stage only) at 100mph. There must be something about the CBD in the plant. Because I have seen many other high or mid level CBD plants budding out early. Sooooo cool! I love it. I could possibly, knocking on wood right now, pull either one or both the “T’Suzy Q” and the “Pennywise” without a single rain to wash off all my crystals and break all my branches… Cuz this ain’t like humbolt or mendo, where the plants love the rain, cuz they get it all the time, I know I grew up there. The rest of cali is almost like a desert. There are high plain deserts and some forest areas, especially around made made lake and natural artesian springs, but (the Sierra’s aside), california is a whole lot of desert. Much of the central area has been turned into agricultural land by the use of petrochemical fertilizers and mass waterways that bring oceans of water from the northern part of the state to the money grubbing south………….ugh. sorry kinda went off there, lol!
            haha whatev,
            peace out,

          6. Nice to know about the temp factor. We had some hot spells this summer but always get cool at night.

            Good luck on the season. (I’m hoping for 5-6 elbows from my little GG#4 in the 100 gal smart pot.)

            ‘Scuse me while I go leaf/water/spray/fert/cover our garden today. hahahahaha

          7. Yep. Good luck to you too. Watch out for those early mildew/molds you get up in some parts of Oregon – and I’ll keep up with the Safer BT (Omri) to keep those little green death c’pillars down here!
            Peace out, “El Dub”!

  3. I hope, for the sake of Dark Heart Nursery, that they address this issue professionally. This can make or break dhn…

    1. I promise you it won’t break this nursery, they have the healthiest clones on the market and way to many loyal loving fans

  4. I’ve done 15% plants that clog the scissors…don’t see how thats very “defining”

    Bag appeal was the same due to a white characteristic in the trichromes – I bred for it

    We don’t have official “Gorillia Glue #4” because most of the people propagating it are morons and criminals, and most of all, are looking for easy money even if its at the expense of integrity. Legalization won’t change it unless those people no longer are charged with being responsible for the materials.

    My medical analysis lab offered Genotyping…you can’t lye about that.

    There is a reason these people refrain from doing that…..primary reason is so they can lie about it when they want to…secondary reason is tissue labs can then propagate the material to the higher ups not in their social networks….you know, “Monsanto”

  5. I have purchased and grown the GG#4 from DHN and it is all the strain is hyped up to be. I have been growing for 10 years, and GG#4 is clearly the best marijuana ever bred. I had to move 1 female out of my indoor garden to outside half way through flowering, due to lack of room inside. After 2 weeks and a severe heat wave, she reverted to veg. I pulled some buds off, that were wonderful, and I let her do her thing. 3 weeks later she went back to bloom and she threw out 5 and 7 point leafs in her second week of flower. Then she started throwing additional branches with no leaves that are all buds. Crazy looking. She is now 2 weeks to harvest and is amazing looking. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes in a nearly a pound of flower. The smoke is smooth, and earthy and mind blowing good. She is the clear winner in Cannabis strains.

    1. You mean its profitable for you to grow. The taste and potency isn’t really “new.” But tasty potent and big yield is.

  6. I never see your gg4 at any clubs but when I do it is gone instantly- I always see other strains but not that one I wish it came around more so it would last longer so I could try it

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