An Introduction to Dark Heart Nursery's value line.

Those who have been following Dark Heart Nursery for a while, may have noticed that a product line called “Heartlets” began showing up in stores and on our social media feed several years ago. But what exactly are these, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

One of the most difficult challenges for DHN has been to meet our customers’ demand for our premium Dark Heart Nursery clones. Our high production standards mean that we produce many fewer clones than some competitors, and that our production costs are much higher. We have worked hard to expand our production to meet the demand; and we will continue to do so, but that process has been expensive and time consuming. Meanwhile, many customers have told us that they would be happy to take a smaller clone if it meant that it would be easier for them to get their hands on our products. Thus, Heartlets were born.

Heartlets are Dark Heart Nursery’s value product line. These clones are produced from the same stock plants as our premium “Dark Heart Nursery” clones, but the cuts are smaller (about 3-4 inches) and they come in smaller rockwool cubes (1 ½ inch instead of 2 inch). Growers who choose our Heartlet line get the same guaranteed genetics and the advantage of our integrated pest management system. Best of all they get it at a significant discount. And while these clones may start smaller, they grow quickly. Typically we expect Heartlets to grow to the size of conventional DHN clones within a week.

Heartlets are available on a limited basis at most of our retail dispensary partners. Our Sacramento partner River City Phoenix carries this line exclusively. To determine strain availability for Heartlets, please check out the drop alert  functionality now available on our website.

Have you tried our Heartlet line? What has your experience been?

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