In collaboration with HSC we are bringing you the top tier of Hawaii's tropical, exotic genetics.

Our Breeding Partnership With Hawiian Seed Company

Cannabis cultivators of California, we are excited to introduce you to our newest Breeding Partner, Hawaiian Seed Company. Dark Heart Nursery is focused on partnering with breeders who bring something unique to the cannabis industry, and it doesn’t get more unique than exotic island strains bread from historical Hawaiian landrace genetics. These exotic genetics are bound to excite cultivators and consumers alike!


About Hawaiian Seed Company

Hawaiian Seed Company (HSC) was founded with the goal of providing the medical and recreational cannabis markets with unique, organic, high-quality cannabis cultivars. Over a twenty-year period, HSC has developed a large portfolio of genetics with a focus on unique cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, as well as some of the most beautiful flower colors and profoundly unique aromas seen in cannabis thus far.

The seed stock at the core of their breeding program has been handed down for generations among fellow farmers local to the islands of Hawai’i. Many of these strains are 50 years in the making or more. Their philosophy in the plant selection process has always emphasized bringing out flavors that delight the palate and effects that leave people feeling happier, rather than mainlining higher potency traits into their strains. HSC stock includes over 50,000 secured cannabis seeds and over 600 rare cultivars including the worlds largest Hawaiian Strain Collection.


HSC Genetics Soon To Be Released

Midnight Splendor

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NaPali Pink

A truly unique Hawaiian experience delivering all the color and flavor people have come to associate with island life. Legendary Kauai Electric and Alaskan Thunderfuck were brilliantly crossed with a rare and unique 30-year-old cutting of an island strain called Hindu Sun. The resulting phenotype hunt of this strain yielded a plant with bright pink pistils that hold their color through the finish and a smell reeking of mango and passion fruit. Growers will be rewarded every time they enter the garden and watch these long, luminescent pink spears mature into a hardened flower finishing in 60 days. She’s an incredibly balanced high for medium and heavy users.

(Photos Coming Soon)


Guava Jelly CBD

The seed for this unique strain was collected directly from the Afghan mountains, and their favorite phenotype of this strain was selected based on growth structure, yield, aroma, and effect. The plant pumps out massive and broad Afghan shaped leaves and has a wonderful vigorous and bushy habit. Every leading branch that is allowed to develop and given good light will mature into a massive cola reeking of tropical fruit, like Guava. The high is long lasting, sweet, and not at all lacking energy and enthusiasm for a productive day or creativity session.

(Photos Coming Soon)


Pre-order available for these strains with a CA State Cultivation or Distribution Permit. Email us directly at for pre-orders and more information.


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