A comprehensive guide for incorporating weed into your home garden!

Dark Heart Nursery is excited to announce the release of a must-read book, Growing Weed in the Garden, written by former garden editor of Sunset magazine and friend, Johanna Silver!

Growing Weed in the Garden brings cannabis out of the dark, into the sunlight. This groundbreaking, comprehensive guide to incorporating weed into your garden leads you from seed or plant selection to harvest. Filled with gorgeous photographs of beautiful gardens, as well as step-by-step photography that shows how to dry, cure, and store cannabis, make tinctures and oils, and roll the perfect joint, this book provides all the information you need to grow and enjoy cannabis. For both the stoned and sober, the new and seasoned gardener, Growing Weed in the Garden is the definitive guide to doing just that.


About the Author

Johanna Silver contributes regularly to Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart Living and is the go-to cannabis gardener for the San Francisco Chronicle. She was awarded a James Beard for her contributions to Sunset’s One Block Diet project and is the author of The Bold Dry Garden. Rachel Weill is a travel, food, and lifestyle photographer. Her work has appeared in many publications, including the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, and Town & Country.


A Letter From Johanna

Hello kind people.

I hope this finds you safe and sound, navigating your way through these most uncertain of times. This definitely isn’t the day-of-publication announcement I’d been dreaming about, yet here I am, with my book, GROWING WEED IN THE GARDEN, hitting bookstands today.

What I will say is this: Cooped up at home at the start of spring is the perfect time to get into the garden and plant some seeds. Few activities relieve anxiety and offer the hope of self-reliance as perfectly as making a garden of one’s own. It’s also not a bad time for reading funny books with pretty pictures.

And weed! How about that for an anxiety reducer and perspective shifter? Gardening + weed = a good combo right now.

This first-ever, outdoor-only, beautifully-photographed book is perfect for anyone who is into gardening or remotely canna-curious. Who better than yours truly, a non-stoner, true-dirt gardener to walk them through the process, seed to stash. (Bed to bong was a close runner up.)

Books didn’t make it to local bookstores before locking down, so the only way to get it at this time is through an online retailer—links hereAmazon has books but (rightly) won’t ship them until essential items have been fulfilled. Indiebound ships via USPS and you’ll likely get it faster. If you’re wary of ordering packages right now for any reason, you can purchase a digital version of the book. When this is all over, please consider buying a hardcopy from your favorite local bookstore to help support their recovery.

Thank you for the support,

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