Visit DHN in Humboldt and learn about tissue culture, and our 2016 lineup.

The second annual Golden Tarp Awards light dep competition is happening Sept 12th in Redway, CA and the Dark Heart team will be there to meet growers from the Emerald Triangle and all over California.

Dark Heart is hosting the VIP Kambucha tent and will be on site to provide a wealth of information on our new genetics and tissue culture.

We recently posted a survey regarding tissue culture online and received great feedback from cultivators.  We also received a lot of questions, so we are looking forward to meeting with the community of expert growers in-person and sharing our wealth of knowledge on the topic.

Here are some of the questions we will answer:

“What are the benefits of tissue culture clones?”

“When will tissue culture clones be available?”

“Can I get samples of tissue culture clones?”

Stop by our booth, meet the Dark Heart team, tell us what strains you’re excited about growing next season, check out the list of all the new genetics that Dark Heart has available and learn more about tissue culture.   Share your feedback and be entered to win raffle prizes.

TC Vessels Pano

Attendees can also  purchase our new product line of vaporizer pens; Alchemy by Dark Heart.  These blends of cannabis oil and botanical extracts are sure to enhance your experiences.  Choose from four experiences; Relax, Awaken, Inspire and Explore.

Alchemy by Dark Heart

See you there!

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