To help protect our cultivation partners in hard hit counties from the risks of wildfire, Dark Heart is offering four months of genetic storage free with a 12-month contract. Offer limited to farmers in those counties affected by wildfires from 2017-2021: ask your Dark Heart rep to see if you qualify.

Dark Heart Nursery provides safe and secure genetic storage for your prized strains. Your strains are the core of your cultivation program’s success, so keep them safe in our state of the art lab. Once your genetics are secured with us, you will always have a back-up copy available. When you need new plants, our team will create clean, rooted plugs and deliver them to you. Genetic storage ensures that you will always have access to your strains and be able to grow.

Store your genetics today to protect them from:

  • Wildfire and other natural disasters
  • Hop latent viroid
  • Loss or damage from pests or pathogens
  • Theft, seizure, or personnel issues
  • Equipment or facility failure

Tissue culturing is required prior to genetic storage. Contact your Dark Heart representative for more information. 

Email us at or call 916-342-6705

Clean tissue culture plugs ready for delivery.
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