Introducing our new garden blog! By DHN's propagation staff!

Hey there Dark Heart Nursery Fans! DHN is proud to present our first installation of blogs brought to you directly from the heart of our garden. After years of time well spent producing a high-quality brand of clones here at Dark Heart Nursery, our propagation and gardening team is bursting to brag about all the amazing things going on in our garden.  Over the course of our postings, we would like to provide helpful tips derived from our experience, take you on an experiential journey through all aspects of our production and create an impressive database of educational tools open to our community .

So, what is the secret behind the success of our healthy and vigorous clones?  Our interest in addressing this question demonstrates our commitment to transparency, and the pride we take in our hard work. It feels great to share our successes, thoughts and ideas with you. The fact of the matter is that the formula for superior clone quality is a perfect mixture of many different variables. But the primary reason DHN has been so successful in producing such high quality clones is that from day one our president established clone quality as our most important business priority. Over the years that commitment has become firmly established in our culture.

With those high standards and  strong leadership, everything else just falls into place and the synergy begins. The rest of the team can strive to make sure that every root emerges healthy; that every leaf is verdant and that our genetics are always precise. We are all committed to remaining in a constant mode of learning and experimentation, we always keep our eyes and minds open so that implementing new cutting edge ideas is uncomplicated. We stay certified in managing and eliminating pests so that you can purchase our clones, pest and worry free. But the biggest secret and surprise to most is that we are not some huge factory of 100 drone workers that just pump out clones on a large scale. Instead, we are a small handful of jazzy individuals that hold a very unique set of skills and when we get together for a project, it is our combined efforts that work their magic. Our propagators and our clones both thrive in a garden filled with love and non-stop music!

But of course that isn’t it….The last secret to our success is that we care strongly about you, our customers and are sensitive to  your changing needs as the industry evolves. The community that we share together is important to us so we can’t wait to hear any  feedback, questions or comments that you have for us so we can provide the highest value product possible.

Stay tuned for more juicy tid bits from the garden greens. The next Dark Heart Garden blog will be full of great tips for abating those pesky garden pests!

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