Pre-order 99 Dark Heart clones for pickup at Emerald Cup 2018 booth with valid 99-medical rec. and event ticket!

Dark Heart’s booth at The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, December 15-16th will be in the adult-consumption area of the event. Event pre-order is available for 99 clone orders being placed by event attendees who possess a valid 99-medical recommendation. New strains will not be available for pre-order, but will be available for purchase at the Dark Heart event booth on both Saturday and Sunday, so get there early!


What Qualifies You For Pre-Order?

99 clone pre-order is available for patients who posses a valid 99-medical recommendation or CA State Cultivation Permit, and an Emerald Cup event ticket for Saturday (15th), Sunday (16th), or both days.


Strains Available for Pre-Order

Premium Size Clones:

Blueberry Muffins

Chocolate Hashberry

Hades OG

Platinum OG

Royal Highness






Heartlet Size Clones:

Blue Dream

Hades OG


Strawberry Banana


Visit our clone types blog for information on the differences between Heartlet and Premium clones.


How To Submit A Pre-Order Request

Please submit pre-order request to and make the subject line “Emerald Cup Pre-Order”. Include your name and phone number in the email, and attach a copy of your valid 99-medical recommendation and CA ID to the email. Include in your request the specific strains you are interested in, how many of each you would like and what Clone Type you prefer (Heartlets/Premiums/Either). Also, include in your email whether this will be for a Saturday (15th) pickup or Sunday (16th) pickup.

**Until your order has been confirmed by the Dark Heart customer experience team, please do not consider it an official order.


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